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China debunks the West on Xinjiang-Uygur Issue

Xinjiang, officially known as ‘Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region’, somehow exposed to the world as a place of ‘forced labour’, ‘forced sterilization’ and ‘suppression of indigenous minorities’. Western media propagate the…
August 4, 2021

Islam and Confucianism

Book Review on Islam and Confucianism- Foreword by Anwar Ibrahim Edited by Osman Bakar and Cheng Gek Nai Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC), International Islamic University…
July 31, 2021

China: a development partner of Bangladesh

Abul Quasem Haider: Author, Former Vice President of FBCCI, BTMEA, BGMEA, Association of private universities of Bangladesh; Founding Chairman Eastern University, Islamic Finance and Investment Ltd, Australian International School and…
March 31, 2021

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